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We have listed below some statements and technical analysis by customers of each SOLAVITE line. For more information regarding our clients, statements, contacts, please get in touch with us at comercial@solavite.com






“Solavite  catalyzer that was installed in the boiler system, condensate tank and fuel supply line for the Clinic´s boiler…, yielded satisfactory results in eliminating scaling and anti-foam chemicals besides reducing consumption of fuel by 10%.”

IMSS – Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social



“We have been using…. SOLAVITE R4 device on the feed water line of our Ata 1 boiler, without any additional chemical treatment … the boiler presents no scaling.”





“We consider that treatment with Solavite has been completely effective concerning the corrective and preventive maintenance of our well 21.”

HIDALGO – Comisión de Aguas y Alcantarillado de Sistemas Intermunicipales



“SOLAVITE equipment are in full operation, preventing adhesion of scale on pipes since the beginning …and it also allows for an effective guarantee of quality in distributed water.”

SANESUL – Empresa de Saneamento do Mato Grosso do Sul




“Solavite  catalyzers  were installed in 1990 and  to date  (2014) are operating with excellent results … scales have been almost entirely eliminated, without using any descaling chemicals, thus reducing the use of chemicals, biocides and chlorine, simplifying equipment maintenance and increasing their lifespan, performance and efficiency.”

PEMEX – Petroleos Mexicanos


“During a 60-day period it was observed a considerable increase in dissolved solids and turbidity thus controlling purges recommended by the supplier. Once completed that period, the degree of scaling in the exchanger was reviewed and it had decreased considerably. As consequence we had improvements in our operation because of decreased downtime, by plugging into molds, and  warming up  in the injection machines.”







“SOLAVITE´s equipment prevented formation of new scaling layers of crystallized calcium carbonate, making the calcium present in the water to be deposited in the form of a pasty slurry, which allows for easy removal.”




“Solavite Technology has allowed for stable production of the well Lisama 54, throughout the test period (10 months). In the rheological analysis of crudes, Lisama 54 demonstrated that Solavite’s technology works properly in inhibiting and descaling paraffin.”




“With the use of Solavite´s catalyzer there was no need to de-wax the driveline with Hot-Oil.   After 21 days into trial, it was observed paraffin clogs in nipple 2″ upstream the catalyzer, which showed the trend of the fluid.”